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Advantages Of Lithium Battery Electric Vehicles
Dec 22, 2018

The battery is the heart of the electric car, and it is the decisive factor and key part of the length of the electric car. Therefore, it is necessary to know the battery before purchasing an electric car, in order to purchase the most suitable one.

The electric vehicle batteries on the market today are generally lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Lead-acid batteries are low cost and cost effective. The vast majority of commercial electric bicycles are sealed lead-acid batteries, which do not need to be replenished frequently and are maintenance-free. Therefore, lead-acid batteries are also the most popular electric vehicle batteries.

The process of charging and discharging lead-acid battery is the process of electrochemical reaction. The lead sulfate is a kind of material which is very easy to crystallize. When the concentration of lead sulfate in the electrolytic solution in the battery is too high, or the static idle time is too long, it will be knotted. Into small crystals, these small crystals then attract the surrounding lead sulfate, forming a large inert crystal like snowballs. When the crystallized lead sulfate is charged, it can not be reduced to lead oxide, but also precipitates on the electrode plate, resulting in a decrease in the working area of the electrode plate. This phenomenon is called vulcanization, which is often called aging. At this time, the battery capacity will gradually decrease until it is unusable.

Lithium-ion battery has higher specific energy, higher specific power and less self-discharge; no memory effect, good cycle characteristics, fast discharge, high efficiency, wide operating temperature range and no environmental pollution. It is the battery with the highest specific energy. Small size and light weight. Lithium batteries are also the research and development direction of various electric vehicle companies. The newly introduced electric vehicles are basically equipped with lithium batteries or high-grade versions of lithium batteries.